The Benefits Of Working With Harmony Timberworks

At Harmony Timberworks, our focus is to design and fabricate timber frame systems that are functional with creative characteristics using a variety of timber and joinery styles. Throughout the design process, we work to determine your optimal timber frame preferences with regard to style, timber species, embellishments and joinery detail, thus ensuring that our final product reflects your individual tastes and budgetary targets.

As an industry pioneer and innovator, Harmony Timberworks has successfully transitioned from a small specialty materials supplier to one of the leading custom timber framers in the industry. Today, featuring a body of work second to none, we proudly serve a diverse client base with unsurpassed quality. Simultaneously, we renew our steadfast commitment to the highest level of overall client satisfaction with each new project opportunity.

We can work with detailed drawings, or a conceptual idea

Some builders provide us with detailed drawings of the timber components, while others give us the “idea” of the look they want and have our designers handle the details. With over 20 years of experience in timber frame design and construction, our designers transport your “idea” into reality.

Combination Options

We Offer A Variety Of Combinations From Which To Choose

► Complete whole-system timber frames that utilize heavy timber construction throughout the entire structure.

► Complete timber frames for specific areas. An example would be a complete frame for a great room or family room with the rest of the house constructed by conventional stick-built methods. Porches and entryways are often included in this approach.

Timber frame roof and truss systems for the entire building or for a specific area. Our timber frame roof and truss systems can be used with virtually any type of wall construction. This is a great way to achieve the look and feel of timber frame construction at a significantly lower cost.

► Timber frame design elements such as decorative gable-end trusses, eave brackets, braces and corbels. These components feature traditional mortise and tenon joinery, but are used primarily for aesthetic impact. Timber frame design elements can add a cost-effective timber frame look to any type of structure.


We stamp and seal each set of plans to your project location.

Our engineering partners are proficient in their understanding of timber frame construction. We seal each set of plans to insure structural integrity and code compliance for your state or location.


We offer on-site assistance and installation, or if you prefer to do the install yourself, we will send a technical advisor to assist. Either way, we are available to answer any questions which may arise during the install process.

From the initial concept to the finished timber frame product, we have a process we adhere to that ensures product quality from the smallest timber elements to the largest complex timber frame projects. We encourage you to become familiar with our process by reviewing our process.

Porch Trusses

Interested in working with us?

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