Harmony Timberworks was founded in 1979, since then, we’ve delivered countless custom timber frame homes and commercial projects. Below are just a few of the comments from our clients.

Day 3 of timber system installation went well as you can see from these pictures. the crane left at lunch time and the conventional framing crew arrived shortly thereafter to build the gable walls. Steven and Sage made a good start installing decking. we are hopeful we can get the additional decking needed tomorrow. Both crews will be working tomorrow to get as much dried in as possible to protect the wood. The timber work on this structure is excellent and beautiful and your guys are doing a great job installing it. I am sorry you had to hold it for so long and really appreciate how you did the refinishing work. Andy and Jose, I can't tell you how much we appreciate the way you guys worked together today and what you accomplished. Great Work!
Harmony Timberworks arrived on time and started the timber install. Front and side entries will be built tomorrow. Scissor Truss and rafter system to be installed by crane on Wednesday. They expect to be here through the weekend to complete the decking and insulation nail base. This is going to be extraordinary. Drop by for a site visit if you can.
"Everything went great last week. Wayne, Ben, and Ian are as polite and professional as any I’ve ever worked with. I couldn’t be happier with the finished product. It’s beautiful."
Crown Point, Indiana Homeowner
"I got to see the trusses yesterday. They look beautiful. They look terrific in the space. Please tell your team I appreciate their fine craftsmanship. I am an amateur woodworker and I know quality when I see it – these trusses look like furniture. I plan to move over time, and will certainly use Harmony Timberworks again. Many Thanks"
"Thank you for your continued interest in the process of the house we are building on Lake Wylie. As you are aware this is not our first project with Harmony Timberworks. We would like for you and everyone at Harmony to know how much we appreciate the level of professionalism and wonderful customer service we have received. I want to give special thanks for the hard work from your Project Management and Design teams. In addition, each site visit prior to installation of the timber systems was perfectly coordinated with my installation crew and the on site Harmony advisor was extremely helpful. We would highly recommend Harmony Timberworks to anyone interested in heavy timber projects."
Overseer / Lake Wylie
"Mark, This is a quickie to tell you we moved into our new home and have gotten SO many compliments on the timber frame Great Room & deck, like “stunning.” I want to send you photos sometime, but am swamped with unpacking, etc. However, here’s our address & phone if you ever want to send a potential customer out. Or if you’re in the area & want to come take pictures!"
"The timber system looks fantastic and is already stained and ready for assembly today. Thank You"