Timber Frame Design for Homeowners

Harmony Timberworks can help you incorporate a beautiful timber frame design, helping you finally attain your dream home. By working with your architect and home designer, we can bring you the highest quality timber frame house, designed by some of the most gifted visionaries of our generation. In the design and construction of your home, we can be as involved as you like. Learn how we can bring you the design elements of an attractive and functional timber system.

Steps for Success

Through the years, we’ve learned that clients looking for a complete custom home design are generally best served by a local architect or home designer who can provide nearby site-specific services. Your local architect or home designer can walk your property and gain an understanding of the key features and challenges that each site presents. Ultimately, it is our belief that through this process, your home will better suit your land and better suit your needs.

Having worked for many years with some of the top architects and home designers from around the country, we will be happy to recommend someone in your area for your complete custom home design. Once you have selected your architect or home designer, Harmony will work in close collaboration to design and build the timber frame portion of your overall home plan. Harmony will then provide total frame development, 3-D modeling, timber frame engineering, shop drawings and of course a beautiful, functional timber frame system.

Incorporating Harmony Timberworks’ Timber Frame Design Elements

If a complete frame doesn’t fit your needs, you may select a specific living space such as a great room, kitchen, entryway, porch or gazebo to incorporate our timber frame design. In addition, you may choose from a number of design elements, including a wide array of trusses, roof systems, wall systems, and floor systems. Our staff will walk you through the selection process and determine the optimal timber frame design, species selection, and joinery detail that are right for you. We can also help you value-engineer a timber frame system that is easy to install, meets your design specifications, and is cost-effective to build.

If you are building in a restricted development, we will work with you, the architect and the builder to incorporate required design elements in your timber frame house. Required design elements can easily be incorporated into townhouses, condominiums, and show homes.

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