Timber Frame Design and Construction

Timber Frame Design

Timber frame structures are designed to be elegant but practical, magnificent yet homely, and sturdy but artfully executed. Heavy timber trusses are the heart of our timber frame design and engineering. To view the many variations and the unique design aesthetics this construction style can bring to your home or commercial construction, review our post and beam truss systems. page. Our different techniques depicted on the website exist to ensure you get the architectural finesse your timber frame dream home requires. Our trusses have flexible design with span, pitch, and on-center spacing, which is a combination of tried and true methods embellished with modern artistic design.

Harmony Timberworks, and the Harmony of Tender Work

Our timber frame homes and truss systems have been built to accommodate a wide variety of customer requests, from pavilions, custom homes and cottages to large-scale commercial hospitality construction. At Harmony Timberworks, we take pride in our ability accommodate whatever room, house, or commercial requests our customers have. We have skillfully trained artisan designers who are capable of making your dream a realization. If you have creative or structural questions, please write in or call 828-264-2314 to speak with our dedicated staff who are capable of assisting with any inquiry.