Timber Frame Benefits: Why Timber Framing is the Best Option for Your Home

Choosing the right material for your new home or building can be tricky. While each material has its pros and cons, a timber frame building provides several unique benefits that will help set your home apart from your friends and neighbors.  Overall, the numerous benefits of timber framing make wood the most practical building material in use today.

Timber is a natural, renewable resource.

Unlike sMountain Home Featuring Wooden Trusseseveral metals and other common building materials, the preparation of unrefined wood into timber does not release toxic chemicals or other harmful vapors into the air. In addition, the natural aging of wood does not emit any byproducts that have adverse effects on you or the environment.  Wood fibers and recycled wood residues can also be used as fuel during the refinement process, rather than coal and other fossil fuels that release massive amounts of carbon into the atmosphere.

Timber frame construction is the most environmentally friendly method around!

A common misconception of timber frame construction is that it is harmful for the environment, mainly due to deforestation. While it is true that the use of wood as a building material has some negative impact on the environment, the truth is that timber frame construction actually uses less wood than conventional platform construction. In addition, most of the energy required to convert timber into usable material comes from fuel made from recycled wood and other wood residues. There is very little waste throughout the production and building process.

One key for buyers is making sure your wood supplier uses sustainable practices, including the planting of trees where others are cut down, and the use of recycled wood fibers for fuel and building materials as necessary.

Timber frame homes are built fast!

All of Harmony Timberworks’ timber framing is pre-cut and test fitted, meaning putting the structure together is simple and easy.  Our experts will double and triple check all mortise and tenon joints for optimum fit and strength, ensuring the finished frame will be up to our lofty standards. Unlike almost all methods of standard construction, your new timber frame home can be finished in just a couple of weeks! Construction of timber frame structures is also not weather dependent, so we can build your new home at any time of the year, without any weather delays!

Timber is a versatile material for large structures.

The best thing about a timber frame home is that you design it. Every structure is different, starting with the trusses you choose andResidential Raised Cords the frame you design, and ending with the interior of your beautiful home. Timber frame structures do not require interior walls to support the building, which leaves you with an open interior and nearly unlimited options as you craft your new home.  You could use a king post truss to create a low ceiling, or a hammer beam truss for an open room with a high ceiling.  It’s up to you!

Timber is strong, durable, and flexible.

All timber frame buildings are made with the expert workmanship of Harmony Timberworks, with strong timbers and carefully crafted mortise and tenon joints for maximum stability in your structure. Wood is also a unique, light and flexible material that stands strong on weak foundations. Timbers can actually bend slightly without losing any strength, meaning shifts in your foundation will not cause any issues with the stability of the wooden structure.  The natural “give” of timbers allows your home to adjust to changes in your foundation, avoiding cracks and other wear and tear (this is not true of brick and other burly building materials).  Your home will last for a lifetime, with very little maintenance required.

Timber frame buildings are remarkably energy efficient.

The use of large timbers creates an efficient frame that leaves little to no temperature transfer between the interior and exterior of your building. We use structural insulated panels, which is a wood product with a super insulated core. A panel is placed between two timbers, reducing the amount of space between timbers and trapping heat inside your home. Normal ‘frame and batt’ walls work about half as well as SIPs, meaning your home can be twice as efficient as most structures.  Not only will you have a beautiful timber frame home, but you’ll save on the heating bill, too!

A timber frame building represents your personal style.
There are nearly unlimited options for creating your beautiful home. From current to classic, you can choose the home that fits your personality and family needs. More than just a building, a timber home is a unique work of art, with beautiful craftsmanship on display. The exposed wooden frame emphasizes your gorgeous interior, creating a comfort zone for you and your family to enjoy.

For almost 40 years, Harmony Timberworks has designed some of the strongest, most unique timber frame buildings around. Check out our gallery for ideas, or contact us today for a free quote and consultation.  Our experts are standing by, ready to assist you!