Post Connection To Foundation or Floor System

post_connectionThe image to the right shows the standard Harmony Timberworks post base. This post base is a very versatile connector which allows for a connection to multiple surface types. The two most common surface types are concrete and a conventionally framed floor system. In either application type, the base of the connector is anchored down using anchor bolts, thru bolts or lags. Once the connector base is installed, the height adjustment plate/tube can be screwed down on it. This is where the beauty of this post base is most evident. The height of each individual post base is adjustable. This adjustability allows your timber system to be completely level even if there are any inconsistencies in the framing or foundation below. Your Harmony Timberworks timber system will be cut to very exacting standards. Without these post bases, if your framing and/or foundation are imperfect, the timber system will not sit perfect and this can cause gapping. After all the height adjustment plate/tubes are set to the same elevation, the posts can be slid down on top of them and pinned in place with the supplied pin and predrilled pin hole. After posts are pinned in place, install either tightly packed blocking or mortar between the connector base and the height adjustment plate/tubes. This will give the connection lateral strength. The connection may now be trimmed with molding or hidden with cap stone depending upon the application.