TIMBER TECH – Your Guide to Timber Frame Technology

Planning an Outdoor Pavilion?

What will be the Primary Use?

Is it for public picnic shelters, a community park shelter, or a residential gazebo.  Be sure to design your structure with furnishings and other fixtures in mind and be sure to include enough space for a picnic table!

Think about the size.

Are you looking to build a basic shelter or an outdoor pavilion with a dining area? Will a masonry BBQ pit be included? Are you considering a full kitchen with appliances?

Plan for success!

Weather Protection?

Be mindful of the effects of wind-driven rain in sizing and orienting your outdoor pavilion. If you want to use your structure in inclement weather, consider the possibility of partially enclosing the structure and adding supplemental heat.

Screen it in.

If protection from insects is a concern, consider a screened-in approach. If the structure will be used for night entertainment, be sure to include electrical requirements in your plan. If building in a hotter climate, the addition of a ceiling fan is a nice feature.

We are Experts

Built Right

At Harmony Timberworks, we are experts in traditional mortise and tenon joinery, but with the industries most capable engineers, we can design and fabricate a system with any kind of timber joinery that you can imagine. Residential or commercial, small or large, if it can be built with heavy timbers, it will be built right by Harmony Timberworks.

Stamped, Sealed, Delivered, I'm Yours.

We stamp and seal each set of plans to your project location. Our engineering partners are proficient in their understanding of timber frame construction. We seal each set of plans to insure structural integrity and code compliance for your state or location.

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