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Timber Frame Benefits: Why Timber Framing is the Best Option for Your Home

Choosing the right material for your new home or building can be tricky. While each material has its pros and cons, a timber frame building provides several unique benefits that will help set your home apart from your friends and neighbors.  Overall, the numerous benefits of timber framing make wood the most practical building material in […]

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Timber Roof Trusses

When you are involved in a building project, whether it is the home of your dreams, a commercial project for your business, or you are an architect turning visions into reality, timber roof trusses are an essential component of any build. They are a major part of the framework, providing structural support to the roof. […]

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Timber Frame Truss System: Which One Will You Choose?

One of the structural methods of designing a timber frame roof system is with the use of a truss.  There are a number of options to consider when deciding on the structure of your new building, and choosing your timber frame truss system is at the top of the list. What is a truss? A […]

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