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Timber Frame Pool Enclosures

Water reflects on the delicate curve of the wood; morning light slides down between the beams. Timber frame pool enclosures make your house like living in a poem.

There’s no better way to feature any room in your home than with natural wood accents, and our wood truss systems can span great distances without the need of supportive columns, making them perfect for pool houses. The almost limitless architectural design elements created by post and beam construction will elevate your outdoor swimming space to a thing of beauty, and we can help.

Give your pool a natural feel, and have your very own spa space right at home. The people at Harmony Timberworks are experts on timber frame pool enclosures, and can form your most imaginative ideas into a structurally sound design to add luxury to any room of your home. Contact us today to get an estimate on the pool house of your dreams!

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