Measure Twice & Cut Once

A hybrid timber frame home has long been our retirement dream home. After having had our home designed, and having started the budget/quote process, our dreams at-one-point seemed to develop into an out-of-reach, too expensive home which we could not afford.   Through extensive research, I discovered Harmony Timberworks.   I contacted them, sent a digital set of plans and we went to work on designing the timber frame piece of our home.

Their design process was seamless and integrated into our plans (with the help of Wayne and Craig). And, the dream was kept alive with their cost fitting within our budget.

The flexibility of working with their sales, production and hands-on shop guidance led us to be able to take delivery of the structure(s).   Assembly and erection came with minimal effort.

Without Harmony, our home most likely would not have been the beautiful timber frame design that we had planned for such a long time. Ease of working relationships, affordable cost, ease of assembly, and all the offers of help-after-delivery made this a reality and replaced worry with the assurance of help, if needed. My hat is off to them.

Just as a side bar, I did my research and I talked with several such suppliers, but none came close to the approach afforded us at Harmony. We are so satisfied that we can only give our thanks and praises. In today’s world, when people go out of their way to satisfy a customer, it is with pleasure to pass along our recommendation.

Measure twice and cut once, especially the physical structure “as built” not “as drawn”.

Benny and Diane Robinson
On the beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway
Outside Galax, Virginia