Harmony Timberworks’ Pavilions and You

Avoiding the Sun in Style

Sitting in the shade of a pavilion is an excellent way to protect your skin. As people age, wrinkles and blemishes are unavoidable. However, the invention of a new wrinkle concealing lotion has brought us a step closer to preserving our youth. This new anti-aging lotion is applied to the skin to form a secondary skin barrier. The barrier is a film composed of common chemicals and causes skin to look and feel smoother. Not only does this film improve the look and feel of skin, it also acts to improve conditions like eczema and psoriasis. This new lotion is a welcomed solution to the age old problem of aging. However, it will be a long time before this product is actually available to the public. The lotion has not yet completed testing, and the results are only temporary. This product does a good job of covering up blemishes, but it does not cure them by any means. In addition, exposing your skin to chemicals could be potentially hazardous. Meanwhile, people have to figure out how to conserve their skin. Most wrinkles and blemishes are consequences of UV radiation. If you’re out in the sun too often, like most Americans are, then it could take a toll on your skin. This is especially true for those who reside in the southern states. The southern climates are much closer to the equator, and therefore more susceptible to the sun’s harmful rays. This also means a higher vulnerability to skin cancer. Most people try to avoid UV radiation from the sun by lathering themselves in various cosmetics and sunscreens. The cost of these products adds up pretty quickly.

Apple Orchard Porch View

What do our Pavilions Offer?

There is another way to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays. Harmony Timberworks is a company that designs open air pavilions. These pavilions provide relief from the sun while also allowing you to be outside with mother nature. Harmony Timberwork pavilions are ideal for providing an open area to have a picnic where the sun isn’t constantly beating down on you, harming your skin and causing you to age prematurely. They provide structures not only for residences, but also for public parks and private neighborhoods. Harmony Timberworks utilizes timber frame construction which allows a combination of design flexibility, enduring beauty, and functionality. Using timber for construction is also sustainable and environmentally conscious. Harmony Timberworks is very customer friendly because they offer a team to work with. Architects, contractors, and builders work together as a cohesive unit which helps reduce the risk of miscommunication and error. The architects of Harmony Timberworks are able to draw plans that are catered to suit your needs and preferences. The contractors and builders will be able to bring that design to life. Having a pavilion is incredibly convenient. It allows you a place to sit down quietly and read a book, or a place to entertain a group of friends- all while enjoying nature and beating the heat of the sun. Take a look at our website for some information and examples of our pavilions.